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There are few areas in which twitter is lacking and one of them is the search functionality. Twitter applications have several pleasing features for twitter users, friends and colleagues. Many twitter applications have stepped up to the task as well. With these featured applications, you can find people by name; map your tweets around the world.  It has become really very easy to find people by their names. It has saved many hours which you generally spend to look for the mundane details of people’s lives flash across the screen.

Followers and tweets are the key terms in using twitter. Twitter concept is all about sending 140 characters in a tweet at the max and directly to the friends or to the twitter followers. Twitter followers are the users in your friend list who have accepted your friendship proposals. Twitter followers are actually the ones who follow your account. With the growing fame of twitter, twitter applications have also gone popular.

Upcoming twitter applications include the features which make you able to find people having common interests with you. You can tweet twitter followers by topic of interest.

There are such applications also which can track the time which you have spent on your twitter account. Some twitter applications also take your twitter usage graphs in a colorful chart and you can display them in a web page or blog.

You can try out other twitter applications if you want a more cosmic experience. Twitter applications like this can be used as an alarm system to promote a certain gimmick or task. Some applications give the newest and most promising looks to your user accounts which support the further contact. You can also send tweets to and from Twitter by using twitter applications in cell phones, I-pods etc.

Some twitter applications do integrate your twitter account into your MySpace, Face book and other social networking accounts. You can also use the very basic components of these applications if you don’t want that much functionality. These applications offer basic email interface as well as a post to the future feature.

You already know that SMS is faster than emails and that is what creates the magic while using twitter. Twitter applications are also useful for advertising and marketing for your company. You can send tweets regarding your company’s latest news and blog posts to the twitter followers in your account. You can easily interact with your customers with the facilities which are offered by twitter applications. Internal collaboration and group communication are the other things which are achievable by these applications.

So do enjoy using twitter applications for their amazing features and functionality.

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