Affiliate Marketing in 2 minutes – affiliate tutorial Super short overview of what affiliate marketing is about – for online business people, entrepreneurs, online businesses, shoppers. Affiliate software and affiliate strategy, merchants, affiliates, and customers are the foundation for affiliate marketing. This tutorial gives a short overview of what affiliate marketing is – for beginners – and gives an easy to understand example.

Rosalind Gardner, author of the Super Affiliate Handbook, explains affiliate marketing in a nutshell.
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  1. petefrombc says:

    @kampero111 most professional affiliate tracking systems (including Amazon’s Associate program) place cookies on prospect’s PC, so that if your scenario happens, then the last affiliate who referred them still gets the commission. Some systems give the commission to the FIRST affiliate who made the referral. The bottom line is that smart merchants will give you the credit you deserve, so you help sell more in future. Dumb merchants will try and cheat, but they are only cheating themselves.

  2. kampero111 says:

    Hi Peter, my question is next:
    if the costumer finds the link through my affiliate web-site, and decide not to buy at this thing at this time, he close the site. Then hi is back, but not trough my site (let’s say he want to buy something from Amazon for example) he found the site or item that hi need and made the purchase, i as affiliate of that site, i don’t get nothing, right?
    Thank you

  3. petefrombc says:

    @Maggielove8 if you sign up as a cb affiliate then you get a link that YOU can post. They don’t post the links for you. You place the links wherever it makes sense – just don’t spam your links to everyone.

  4. petefrombc says:

    @Maggielove8 Hi Maggie – you place affiliate links on your own website/blog or in paid ads like pay-per-click or banner ads. To learn more about affiliate marketing you can check my site with /sah after the website domain.

  5. Maggielove8 says:

    Hi Peter,
    Thank you for this video :) My question is, how do I know where the links that I signed up with Clickbank are being posted? About 2 months ago, I signed up for about 12 different affiliate programs with Clickbank and I have no idea where these are being posted. I’ve asked Clickbank to explain this but I have not been able to get a viable answer from them…Maybe it’s me but I have no clue where these links are being posted and if they are being posted.? Please help, thanks Peter.

  6. Maggielove8 says:

    Maggie R.
    Hi Peter :)
    Thanks for your video here. I am a member of Clickbank and I signed up for several affiliate programs with them but I have no website. Now, what I don’t understand is where are these links placed that I signed up for? That may sound funny that I’m asking you but I have not been able to get Clickbank to explain it clearly enough to me. Truthfully, I have no idea where these links are posted and if they are posted??? Please help. Thanks Peter!

  7. mitchio83 says:

    Anybody with a link like that in there description is a scumbag. Period. You are not selling shit, you are just scamming people.

  8. Forexreviewsguy says:

    Great Video Peter!

  9. NetBizTutor says:

    Nice explanation. Thanks.

  10. looneysolidsnake says:

    in germany it is!

  11. nationalstoreonline says:

    let me point out that this is not necessarily the case. You would need to be approved by the affiliate marketing company before you can start promoting the merchants products. If you don’t have a website, chances are you probably won’t be approved the company. so it’s best to probably have a website at the very least.

  12. CCCP4Life2612 says:

    ok thank you

  13. petefrombc says:

    it’s like any other income – why would it be different?

  14. CCCP4Life2612 says:

    is there tax income on affiliate marketing?

  15. petefrombc says:

    Hi Steve – If you want to be an affiliate you need to find vendors/merchants who have an affiliate program for their product. If they don’t then suggest to them that they start an affiliate program. Merchants either have their own (private) aff. programs or you can find affiliate offers in networks like linkshare, hydra, commission junction etc. Usually the merchant has a link on their site that says “make money” or “affiliates”. The links are found from within their affiliate system.

  16. stevekerr101 says:

    Hi Peter. Thanks for your video. I have a question for you in you dont mind… This is probably very basic stuff but here goes… Lets say i have a website and i wish to sell an affiliates product(s) on there. What is the process for making that happen? Is it as simple as sending an email inquiring about the possibility of doing so? Also, what are the tools/programmes i would need in order to set up my affiliate link on my website?
    Thanks for your time Peter, its much appreciated.

  17. abqvista says:

    That is Affiliate Marketing in a nutshell. Thanks for simply stating it the way it is. Anything you love you can usually find a company willing to pay you a commission for promoting it.

  18. AffiliateNewbies says:

    This is a good explanation of affiliate marketing. If you don’t have a website and you don’t know how to build one, you can easily start with a blog on blogger. Start your own blogger, post various articles around the subject of the affiliate product and place your affiliate links your articles.

  19. petefrombc says:

    Yes you can. Wherever people can click on your affiliate link will work… if they buy or whatever has to happen for you to get paid. But just don’t spam links everywhere.

  20. HenchulaSpringsteen says:

    I’ve just discovered this thing and it sounds nice, but
    I wanted to know, if I don’t have a website, can I still be an Affiliate? if so, how? (through mails? IM’s on MSN, Skype, etc…?

    Thank you.

  21. petefrombc says:

    if it’s so urgent you can reach me through my site

  22. greensings says:

    Good video and I enjoyed the comments

  23. cellcell105 says:

    hi im with a affiliate company and would like to talk to u personaly because i have serious questions i dont really ever use you tube but plz leave me a message letting me kno if we can talk thanks

  24. petefrombc says:

    The merchant who has the affiliate program will pay you in different ways. Some are check, some paypal, some both. Read the merchant affiliate program description for details. It might be 30 days or more before you are paid and there also could be a threshold before they pay you (e.g. min $100 or min 2 sales etc.) If you want to retrieve money from paypal you need to hook it up to a bank account and some countries are supported differently due to national banking systems and practices etc.

  25. Vortex4001 says:

    i need to know if a customer purchased an item from your affiliate link and you want to retrieve the commision amount from your paypal account. how would the process work will they send you a check in mail? will the money be sent to your bank account? and do you need a bank account to retrieve money from a sale you made through paypal?

  26. jwanazwan says:

    Dear Rosalind, your video is the best that I’ve found on the internet explaining affiliate marketing in the simplest yet effective manner. I myself just join the Infinity Downline and I’m using the video to explain to anybody who doesn’t understand the concept of affiliate marketing (especially for those sceptics who though ID is another multi level marketing). Thank you keep and posting!

  27. Paralyt1c says:

    Great video!
    I would buy your handbook if I wasn’t already a member of Chris Ferrel’s site, you are definetely one of the few legit marketing teachers online.

  28. MrBigPoppa43 says:


  29. ymayaba says:

    How do I get the handbook?

  30. ruggedd says:

    crash course on affiliate marketing?

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  32. smitty747 says:

    Another short but Awesome video Ros. You make it look so easy. I know once I make my ‘first dollar’ I’m probably going to be surprised how easy it was. Thanks for sharing this Ros. Now, on to the next video, :-)…RJ

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  34. rosalindgardner says:

    Thanks kindly, Hooshmand. Glad you like it!


  35. MakeaWebsiteNow says:

    Very simple yet valuable video about affiliate marketing specially promoting digital products on networks like ClickBank.

    Super Affiliate Handbook is a killer book on affiliate marketing. Recommended!

    All the Best!