MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing

The difference between MLM and affiliate marketing.

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25 Responses to “MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing”

  1. meradu2 says:

    Hello Lisa I have been watching your video on YouTube for over a year now, good videos and good topic. Thank you Radu

  2. TheLeeStLouis says:

    great video. both are great ways to make money! Theres people who make money in both MLM and Affiliate. Love the video Lisa!

  3. mlkhj1 says:

    I like this vid.

  4. OneLuv1Hart7 says:

    I don’t think she ever tried a real network marketing business not all business of MLM solely recruits. I can make a really good income just selling retail on my products I only offer the business opportunity if they find the value in it. Other than that I make them my customer b/c I benefit more from the retail rather than having someone whose not serious about the business working in my organization and having them make negative comments about the industry such as its a pyramid scam and such

  5. fuckmania07 says:


  6. bardoville says:

    I like the content in this video…

    I’ve been interested in MLM and affiliate marketing so it’s nice to hear people’s input…

    I’m happy that you didn’t say anything negative about MLM as I actually think that it’s a very ethical way of earning money and moving quality products…

    Thumbs up from me:-)

  7. tweezer06 says:

    Love your information as always. I’m an affiliate marketer too and have never really tried MLM before now. I’ve read some positive case studies of other SBIers who are doing well (no selling, friends, family etc.) So I’m gonna give it a whirl the SBI way and see what happens.

  8. samiwistler says:

    Great post, loved it, thumbs-up

  9. samiwistler says:

    The opportunity to edit HTML was not always a prerequisite, but it could help

  10. yourtubelink says:

    Mlm is not a selling business. It is simply as she stated others simply recommend a product to you. It is a invite and give business which you can make a residual income from peoples purchases. Her affiliate strategy is the same strategy used as what the correct mlm way should be. She writes to her blog and her way of providing content and this is the same approach to mlm. Any business you have provide content to build a business. She would be a great mlm person.

  11. pudoadassi says:


  12. simmsseo says:

    Would you consider an MLM??? Oh by the way you are absolutly beautiful

  13. LeadAttraction says:

    Both Industries Work Well together.

    MLM Business are for serious qualified people who are in your target market; those who can see themselves using the products each month.

    The affiliate programs you sign into, as a Network Marketer/MLM Rep, should be relevant tools and services which the community can benefit from – This being upfront cash for funding the Biz.

  14. GVOchannel says:

    Do Both , Multiple Income. You can if you have a good system in place

  15. Paralyt1c says:

    This definitely clears up some things for me.
    By the way, your hair looks great like that. :)

  16. bbggroupinc says:

    You so right about the gift deals. It is as illegal as it gets. Thank you for your message!!

  17. temple35200 says:

    great video!

  18. lisa3876 says:

    @123viewyou Now I would also like to say that I do believe residuals are harder to come by in affiliate marketing compared to MLM. My niche happens to have more than others. Reselling domains and hosting happens to be the reason I was able to quit my 9 to 5 four years ago (residuals alone) so I have to defend the system that has been working for me. I don’t mind other opinions, but facts only please. :)

  19. lisa3876 says:

    @123viewyou As a GoDaddy reseller I can tell you that is not true. They do an excellent job of upselling and my monthly product earnings are quite diverse. Of course I have a lot of traffic and maybe I’m the exception more than the rule. Even though most people only buy domains and hosting, multiply the monthly and yearly residuals of the 30,000+ customers I’ve accumulated and those hosting renewals add up for me. Not trying to argue with you but my earnings don’t line up with your comment.

  20. 123viewyou says:

    @lisa3876 I know that some companies will offer recurring commissions but the majority of affiliate networks out there offer no recurring commissions. Even with aweber you will only be getting about $68 bucks a year per customer. With godaddy and hostgator I know it sounds good but the reality is most people won’t be buying much more from these companies once they have their hosting. Maybe a domain name here and there but that is about it.

  21. lisa3876 says:

    @123viewyou This is not quite true. While this may be true for some programs, I belong to several reseller-based affiliate programs (GoDaddy and Hostgator have them) where you continue to earn as the customers buy more products. SiteSell and AWeber also have similar models. You just need to look for affiliate programs that pay recurring commissions. If my sites died today, I could live off my residuals.

  22. 123viewyou says:

    The main thing I love with MLM is you have the ability for residual income from the same customer and from team effort. With affiliate marketing you make the sale and then that’s it. Then the company you just referred to has the ability to follow up with them and keep making money from them forever. Lucky for me my networking company has great products that’s gets millions of searches every month so I get the best of both worlds. Sales from my blog and residual team money.

  23. New4fashion says:


  24. HolidayBot says:

    3:40 “Before you guys slam me”… that’s what she said :D

  25. YourMLMHeavyHitters says:

    Such valuable info!
    Thanks for sharing ;)

    AJ & Marquita
    Online Marketing Heavy-Hitters