Left 4 Dead Trailer

– Multiplayer, co-op and single player modes. – 4-on-4 Versus mode, Zombies vs. Survivors. – AI Director ensures dynamic re-playability. – 4 deep cinematic ‘movie’ campaigns. – Matchmaking, stats, and achievements. – Behind-the-scenes Designer’s Commentary. – Powered by the Source engine and Steam. Left 4 Dead is a co-op action horror game that casts up to four players in an epic struggle for survival against swarming zombie hordes and terrifying mutant monsters. Created by Valve, creators of Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, and Half-Life add &fmt=18 at the end of the link for HQ Left 4 Dead is a registered trademark of Valve Limited. I do not claim, or have any, affiliation with Valve. This video was not intended for any personal gain, only for entertainment purposes. All comments by others are their own and I do not take responsibility for their actions. Consider this, free advertising www.l4d.com/.

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25 Responses to “Left 4 Dead Trailer”

  1. MisterGamer3000 says:

    this is an intro

  2. waterboy4453 says:

    Son we just cross the street…somebody set us up the pipe bomb.

  3. waterboy4453 says:

    son we just cross the street…somebody set us up the pipe bomb.

  4. ImOnlyAznail says:

    Welsh x Bruza D has joined your Xbox LIVE Party!!!

  5. supersnow17 says:

    for those who still dont know in l4d2 valve made a new add-on campain that alows you to CHOOOSE who dies but in the first add-on they did bill was dead so he still is dead storyline wise

  6. eshura1 says:

    mirenlo ps

  7. nowwhy619 says:

    @ROBOMAN1218 in the video i saw him go up ladder sohe got hit by tank and went up aperently

  8. BigChicken11 says:

    never should of killed off any of the oringinal cast their the best but ellis coach rochelle just they are the last people i ever wouldve imagained surviving a zombie holocaust

  9. ROBOMAN1218 says:

    @nowwhy619 then how is he on the top of the building

  10. boxslide14 says:

    @nowwhy619 yea no shit

  11. figalika says:

    this fucking funny and scary :D:(

  12. 2216385 says:

    2:58 i woulda been like, “the fuck kinda question is that Louis?”

  13. selenagomezfan946 says:

    @hoothoot800 well helllllo hunter

  14. cphanzo says:

    dude this isnt your trailer moron..

  15. nowwhy619 says:

    @SL1NGSHOT222999 they dont wanna spoil bills death

  16. SADOWCLAW123 says:

    @SL1NGSHOT222999 hes talking about the dlc for both games

  17. SL1NGSHOT222999 says:

    @nowwhy619 how does he die when he even made it on top of the roof of the building?

  18. HarryNCFCgreen says:

    i wish that Welsh x Bruza D would join my xbox live party

  19. gaulucky92 says:

    I hate stairs.

  20. Cross3dPoisons says:

    *A to skip introduction*

  21. Aaron3502 says:

    Awesome, Welsh x Bruza D joined my party :D

  22. majohnson91 says:


  23. killerqueen055555 says:

    @nowwhy619 y are there 17 thumbs up for that =(

  24. hoothoot800 says:

    the thing that attacked luis is my first name

  25. TIVIS014 says:

    @nowwhy619 I looked and he clearly moved out of the way. you can see him running from the tank in the light