XxGaMBLeR Runescape Bank Video Commentary – Week 12 – DOUBLE EXP – PACK YAK BABY

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25 Responses to “XxGaMBLeR Runescape Bank Video Commentary – Week 12 – DOUBLE EXP – PACK YAK BABY”

  1. i0wnui says:

    fk all summoners on 2x weekend

  2. geertsema2 says:

    @reteliker because it was said on the home page.. lol

  3. thedarknessisrising says:

    u probaly know but u can trade in ur pouches for shards then just sell the shards all at once at any pet shop. but u have to be like 5 or 6 levels over the pouch u wana swap

  4. dude1010103 says:

    23 people can’t stop playing mario

  5. BoxNino says:

    Always wanted to gain fast 99 skills but u couldn’t pay for the bots?

    No problem! Me and my crew made an (free) RSBots.net Auth Code generator.

    I updated it today – 18 September 2010.

    Just go to? my channel, download it, follow the instructions i give you via my video. And bot up all you’re stats to 99!

    ? Its super noobfriendly!

  6. skillcapes5 says:

    Just sell the Divine..They’re gonna skyrocket in about 2 weeks.

  7. mynameisalexyu says:

    instead of getting loyalty, devotion and str…..


  8. dearblank7 says:

    I got 5k lizards. Ill give it to you if you put me in ur video.

  9. iWuvTreez says:

    Giveee meee yout zerk :D hehe i love your vids:)

  10. TaintedMai says:


  11. XMonkOfAu5X says:

    Btw this is straight off the bonus xp weekend thread on the forums ,

    “Following feedback from March’s Bonus XP Weekend, the boost to Summoning XP will be limited to 10% over the course of the four days.”

    There mod emilee’s exact words …

  12. MrBunkerface says:

    you sound like a retard xD i still love ya :)

  13. MrBunkerface says:

    you sound like a retard xD

  14. WildyCon says:

    There is said to be no double xp for summoning it got nurfed.

  15. SilverOnRs says:

    ill sell you 500 giggabillion swamp lizards.

  16. tyler051095 says:

    @reteliker ya well if he actually read the update then everyone wouldn’t have to tell him

  17. LeFargg says:

    dood make some more frekin videos bro!!!

  18. grayghost2293175229 says:

    rainbows flying out of my dick!!!!!!!!! lol

  19. reteliker says:

    Ok, i’ll let Chuck Norris roundhouse kick you around the world.

  20. bigrock123 says:

    @grimranger9 true say

  21. bigrock123 says:

    @reteliker summoning is nerfed

  22. RSGu1des says:

    You are pretty fucked, summoning from 88-96 costs abo

    ut 100m.

  23. RSGu1des says:

    You are pretty fucked, summoning from 88-96 costs about 100m.

  24. reteliker says:

    I’m gonna kick the next person who says that summoning is nerfed, with my fist!

  25. GodwarsScape says:

    from the jagex post – Following feedback from March’s Bonus XP Weekend, Summoning XP will be boosted by a set percentage of 10% over the course of the four days. All other skills will follow the schedule noted in the table.