TMNT : Raphael Mr Sarcastic

Doesn’t this make you want to BUY the DVD? Isn’t this a good sampler? Free advertising! Go buy that DVD!!!

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25 Responses to “TMNT : Raphael Mr Sarcastic”

  1. arionquill says:

    1:42 Star Trek door SFX FTW!

  2. Passions55 says:

    oh how I love you Rob Paulsen!

    If I where you I would disable the rating function so Lions Gate doesn’t catch wind of this.

  3. crpsaiyan says:

    @kiroroluvr That made you giggle?! For me, it was when they were riding the star cruiser. The part where Michaelangelo asked what kind of juice it took, and Donatello said plutonium, and Raphael ends it with, “oh, terrific. Maybe we can get it towed to the nearest plutonium station.” Now, THAT made me giggle. :)

  4. crpsaiyan says:

    @bigmigs94 It was the very first episode — “Turtle Tracks”

  5. IrishMattH21 says:

    lol raph is kickass. Although he is nothing like the comics in the 1987 cartoons his still awesome even without his dark side.

  6. kiroroluvr says:

    “What is it Raphael? A thretining note?!”
    “Worse then that! Its the check!”
    that always mades me giggle

  7. ReachingforaDream says:

    @reni4658 Dan Green was this version of Leonardo, in the Turtles Forever film, since they didn’t get back any of the old actors, sadly. :(

  8. kenaii411 says:

    go suck a lemon

  9. LaBak1337 says:

    April was / is so stacked in the old cartoons haha. Best was when Rocksteady calls her a bimbo lmao. You’ll never see that in today’s PC cartoons. 80s / Real early 90s = best cartoons ever!

  10. thejokersonyou says:

    @reni4658 According to IMDB, no… but James Avery (Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince) was the Shredder

  11. reni4658 says:

    isn’t dan green one of the voices of the turtles?can someone tell me which one?

  12. ThexBigxGHx97ox says:

    LOL xx

  13. TheAngelmisa says:

    is it only me………but was tmnt cartoon was the only show that got asian names right
    and respected it……

  14. Kobratmnt says:

    i love it when raph laughs xD

  15. filipeflower03 says:

    stevenskywalker1993 ,the turtles from the 80’s cartoon don’t have the habbit of using nicknames. They have no need for that. For example, do you usually treat your brother or your sister by a nickname? I don’t think so.

  16. Arellapple says:

    No we don’t, she is the first one we’ve ever met XD lmao

  17. luishomeroremohsiul says:

    damn… april was hot..

  18. TheAngelmisa says:


  19. TroWu says:

    yes almost forgot that one. Oh yeah it would be the most aewsome thing in the world, right after chocolate!

  20. stevenskywalker1993 says:

    And play it dont forget play it. I know dude it would be awesome. just imagine for the first time in Ninja turtle history the four turtles would behave like in both tv shows. THAT would be AWESOME.

  21. TroWu says:

    awesome dude!!! ;)
    I would totally watch it or read it… if you made a cartoon or a comic.

  22. stevenskywalker1993 says:

    you now I had an Idea. If I made a Free-Roam Ninja Turtles game I would try to have the four turtles have both personality’s from the 80’s series and the 2k3 series. take Raphael for example, He would be both funny, AND tough. Maybe that way I could try balance the way people like the old and new series. what do you think.

  23. TroWu says:

    Hmmm, okay I have to admit that I also like the “new” raph…. But you will never hear me say it again!! (I think the reason that I don’t like the new raph is because I see myself in him… EEEEPPPPPP!!!!) Sometimes being a hot-head can be a bit of a problem. U_U

  24. stevenskywalker1993 says:

    well too BAD…..HAH just joking with ya. I like both raph’s. The old and new. The old raph has a sence of humor Like I do. and the new raph is like a total kick butt hot head like me. so I am like two different versions of raph. funny AND tough. Raphael is like my favorite turtle.

  25. stevenskywalker1993 says:

    I have a question. Why does the turtles only use there full names and not there nicknames. if anyone reads this write a comment to me.