XxGaMBLeR Runescape Bank Video Commentary – Week 11 – ???M – FAN FACEBOOK

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25 Responses to “XxGaMBLeR Runescape Bank Video Commentary – Week 11 – ???M – FAN FACEBOOK”

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    “lets get the good tits” LOLOL

  2. slugheady says:

    Get a life ‘n grow up kid

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    what the fuck is it with you and the like button every video “yea guys please hit the like button see how many we can get really helps me wana make videos for you guys i need to feel the support”

  5. GetSavedD00d says:

    @d4rkcowg0d i was porpously trying to be obnoxiouus… are you a dumbasss, who wouldnt get that

  6. jailboie44 says:

    YOU are the reason i continue to play runescape. YOUR vids are very inspiring. YOU deserve alot more subscribers. I WILL tell every single person that i have ever know to subscribe to you. cheers!

  7. ubedu1234 says:

    I want your account, so bad.

  8. lotmein20 says:

    @iRawk360 Ya cause it’s not like tassets give defence bonus or anything!

  9. Welsonnn94 says:

    @iRawk360 He’s got a fury.

  10. iplayrs1132 says:

    @iRawk360 2:48 he has a fury i hate trolls

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  14. iRawk360 says:

    You spent 26m or so on tassets with +2 str.
    Why the hell haven’t you bought a zerker ring that’s +4 str and it’s only 4m?
    Get a fury as well.

  15. barrowsdragon says:

    nice kq head

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    show your boy..? lol..

  21. gbSacrifice says:

    get a life u fucking bum all u do is play rs go outside lmao u fucking freak. u look like a freak.

  22. ronbeastly says:

    @standonmyside omg it was a joke because he was like oh please dont say to sell them in comments and i said it as a joke

  23. rainy220 says:

    ROFL!!1 270-243 through ely i love how that bitch panics and teled

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  25. oxcurtisxo says:

    Runescape fails now…it was a fucking awsome game but theres to many god dam kids for real…